Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Where you can find comprehensive practice space listings

Hi, everyone! Now that I live in NYC and see that people are still using this site, I'd like to share a little secret with you: http://www.mule.co.kr/. This site has quite a comprehensive list of practice spaces in Korea (not just Seoul).

If you need help navigating the page:

Towards the top of the page, you'll see the navy bar that spans the width of the page. On the second row, you'll see where it says "정보," which means "information" in Korean. Click on the second group of words next to that that says "합주(연습)실정보," which means "practice space information."

In the gray bar almost halfway down the page, you'll see two drop-down menus. Choose "서울" for "Seoul" or whichever city/province you live in. The drop-down menu to the right of that will have the different 구s ("districts") to choose from.

Or... I prefer to scroll down to the bottom of the page where you'll see more drop-down menus. Those let you narrow it down to the 동s (neighborhoods).

All the listings you see that populate the first half of the page in bold are sponsored listings and don't necessarily reflect your search.

Ok, happy music writing and performing! And, of course, feel free to keep posting questions if you feel the need to. My gmail will ping me so I'll be able to answer.


Radio Gaga Studio (라디오 가가) - Konkuk Univ. Station (건대입구역, lines 2 and 7)

(Someone had asked to find a practice space near Cheongdam Station, but so far, this is the closest one I could find.)

Radio Gaga is a quick walk from Konkuk Univ. Station (건대입구역), exit 6.

You can choose from the A Room, B Room, or 3 Small Rooms.

The A Room costs 18,000 won/hour:

And has the following equipment:
Guitar amps: Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier, Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 100W; cabinet: 412 Recti oversize / 1960 Bass amp: Ampeg B4R; cabinet: Ampeg SVT 410HE+15E Drums: Mapex Saturn Series; cymbal: Anatolian Ultimate Keyboards: Kurzweil PC-1X; Yamaha Motif 6 Mic: Shure SM58S

The B Room costs 15,000 won/hour:

And has:
Guitar amps: Marshall JCM2000 TSL, Marshall JCM2000 DSL; cabinet: MArshall M412A Bass amp: Ampeg SVT-200T; cabinet: Ampeg SVT-15E Drums: Mapex Meridian Birch; cymbal: Turkish Classic Set Keyboards: Kurzweil PC88, Korg TR Mic: Shure SM58S

The Small Rooms are for private instrument practice, usually for acoustic instruments. But if you need an amp or wanted them to move one of the keyboards in there, etc, I'm sure they could set that up for you.

You can contact the space at 02-466-5183 or 010-2009-5183, and their email is djbosin@naver.com.

Their address is 서울 시광진구 자양동 7-29 B1 (Seoul, Sigwangjin-gu, Jayang-dong 7-29 B1).

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Private practice rooms - Mia Station (미아역, line 4)

This practice space is located about a 3-minute walk from Mia Station (미아역, line 4) or a 2-minute walk from the bus station. It's 24 hours and equipped with heating and AC. There are several private rooms in which you're allowed to practice any instrument except for the drums.

If you're interested in monthly rates, it ranges from 240,000-260,000원, and if you agree to a 6-month contract, they'll knock off 200,000원.

You can contact the space at 010-4272-5969.

Their address is 서울 강북구 미아동 310-43 (Seoul, Gangbuk-gu, Mia-dong 310-43).
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Drum practice space - Ssangmun Station (쌍문역, line 4)

This drum practice space, whose name is not mentioned in their internet post, is located near Ssangmun Station (쌍문역, line 4) exit 2. It's also a one-minute walk from the bus station.

On the 1st floor of the building, you'll see a supermarket, and there's a traditional market (or "재래시장" in Korean) nearby. There are also many restaurants in the neighborhood. It's open from 9 am-10 pm, and if you're interested in paying by the month, it's 180,000원/month. No hourly rate is mentioned in their post, but you can have a friend call and ask, or use the free BBB translation service listed at the top left-hand side of this site.

There are two drum booths, both of which are equipped with the Sonor 3007 Starclassic Performer kit and a 7-cylinder amp. The space is equipped with air conditioning as well as a computer, which you're also welcome to use.

Because there are only two drums booths, please keep in mind to limit how many people you bring with you.

Please call 010-4194-0000 to get in touch with this space. You'll also have to ask them what their exact address is because that was also not listed.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sound Mob Studio - Ewha Woman's Univ. Station (이대역)

Sound Mob Studio is located near Ewha Woman's Univ. Station (이대역, line 2) out of exit 1. They have 2 rooms that cost 10,000 and 12,000 won per hour.

The A Room is 12,000 won/hr and has:
- Guitar amp: Marshall Vintage Modern 2466, Marshall JCM 2000 DSL
- Bass amp: Ashdown ABM 500 EvoIII
- Drums: Pearl Vision VBX925
- Mixer: Behringer PMH2000
- PA: Peavey PV115

The B Room is 10,000 won/hr and has:
- Guitar amp: Marshall MF350 Mode Four, Marshall MG100 FX Head
- Bass amp: Hughes and Kettner QC412
- Drums: Tama Rockstar
- Mixer: Peavey XR8600
- PA: Peavey PV115

* They will also set up keyboards for you for an additional price. They have a Kurzweil PC2X and Korg Triton Pro76

You can call them at 010-6652-5109 and visit their site at http://cyw.do/13A8MP/ZZSvw.

They're located in the first basement floor of the Econo Sushi (이코노 스시) building:

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Soul Factory - Hongik Univ. Station (홍대입구역)/Shinchon Station (신촌역)

Soul Factory is a 24-hour practice space located in Seodaemun-gu near Hongik Univ. Station. It's not for whole bands, but for individuals looking to practice alone in fairly small rooms. They say that their rooms can accommodate vocals, guitar, bass, wind and string instruments, and more, but no drums. You can pay by the hour or enter into a monthly contract.

You can contact them at 010-8007-4121.

They're located on the 1st basement floor of Dongshin Building (동신빌딩):

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Studio T'uny - Gangnam-gu Office Station/Cheongdam Station (강남구청역, 청담역)

Studio T'uny is a practice space/recording studio/mixing studio located between Gangnam-gu Office Station/Cheongdam Station (강남구청역, 청담역, both line 7). They charge 15,000 won/hr for rehearsal; 45,000 won/hr for recording; and 45,000 won/hr for mixing.

Here's the equipment they have available for rehearsal:
- PA: Yamaha Stage PAS 300
- Mics: AKG P5S*4
- Guitar Amps: Orange Tiny Terror Hardwire Edition (made in England), PPC112 Cab (V1-vintage GE five star 5751, V2-vintage Mullard CV4024, V3/4-RUBY EL84CZ), Chrome Dome Audio TP-40 (V1-vintage RCA 12AX7, V2-vintage Sylvania12AT7WA, V3/4-JJ EL34L), Line6 Spider Valve MK2 112(V1-vintage GE five star 5751, V2-vintage Sylvania 12AT7WA, V3/4-JJ 6L6GC), Vox AC4TV (vintage GE five star 5751, RUBY EL84CZ)
- Bass Amp: Line6 Lowdown 175
- Keys: Roland Fantom X7, Yamaha P-60, Kurzweil K2000J
- Drums: Tama Superstar Custom All Birch, Yamaha Mike Bordin signature Snare 14*6.5-녹음전용
Tom batter head - all Remo clear Pinstripe
Tom reso head - all Remo clear Ambassador
Snare - coated Ambassador for batter, clear Ambassador for snare side
Kick – Remo clear Power Stroke 3 for batter
Cymbals - all Amedia Classic

Here's the equipment they have for recording:
- DAW: Pro Tools 9, Cubase 6, Logic 8, Digital Performer 5
- Controller: Avid Artist Mix

- Software:
Waves - Platinum, Studio Classics Collection, JJP Analog Legends, CLA Classic Compressors, Kramer MPX
Abbey Road Plug-ins - TG Mastering Pack, TG 12413 Limiter
PSP Audioware - Vintagewarmer2, MasterQ, Mixpack2, StereoPack2, MasterComp, Neon HR 2, Xenon, sQuad, NobleQeX, oldTimer ME
Sonalksis - SV-315Mk2
MDW - EQ3.0
Digidesign - ReelTape Sat, TL Space
Sonnox - Inflator
Massey - CT4, DRT
Wave Arts - MultiDynamics 5
iZotope - RX2 Advanced
Valhalla DSP, LLC - VahallaRoom
Flux - Pure Limiter, Pure Compressor2
Sonimus - Satson
FXpansion - BFD2

- Clock: Lucid GenX192

- Outboards: GML 8304, Lexicon PCM96, Lexicon PCM91, Summit Audio DCL200 (Vintage Tungsol 12AX7*3), Summit Audio FEQ-50*2 (Vintage Telefunken 12AX7 diamond logo bottom), Neumann OEV*2(transformer version), DBX 160XT, DBX 166XL, Line6 POD XT, Line6 Bass POD 2.0.

- Conversion: SSL MadiXtreme64, SSL Alpha Link MADI AX, Swissonic AD24/DA24, Mytek Stereo96 DA.

- Cabling: Canare, Mogami, Belden, Monster

- Monitoring:
B&W Matrix 802 Series 2, B&W Nautilus 805, Yamaha MSP3, Audio Technica ATH-A700, Sony MDR7506*2, AKG K240DF, Rolls HA-43 Pro, Mackie Onyx 1640, Mackie Big Knob

- Microphones:
Neumann TLM67, Neumann TLM193
Sanken CU-31
Advanced Audio CM12 (Vintage 5 star 6072A)
OktavaMod Oktava MK012*2 (cardioid)
Fritz Soundlabs FE-802*2 (omni)
Audix i5, D2*2, D4, D6.
Shure KSM27, SM57

You can check out there site at http://www.tunymusic.co.kr and call them at 02-543-8741.

They're located on the 1st basement floor:

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